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#412 Subscription gadget Gadgets / New Requests 0.9.0 defect normal 03/12/06

it would be great a new gadget for subscriptions by email, new post -> mail for the susbcriptors

#715 Jaws+ Multiple Instance Install 0.9.0 defect normal 01/06/07

separate config for each instance, this affected over install and upgrade too.

#850 Articles Gadget Gadgets / New Requests 0.9.0 defect normal 03/22/07

some idea for this gadget:
1. abstract of article
2. full article
3. author(s)
4. article category
5. article keywords(friendly with search engine)
6. WYSIWYG editor for input abstract and full article
7. print version
8. pdf version(if possible)
9. search
10.can get comments from visitors
11.Draft/Publish/Arcive status
12.recent articles list for viewing in site area
13.list of articles grouped by category
14. multi language article like static page gadget

#1078 Implementing cache manager Core / New Requests 0.9.0 defect normal 03/22/08

Implementing cache manager for jaws with support (file, db, memcache, apc, ...).

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