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Jaws+ Multiple Instance

Reported by: afz Assigned to: afz (accepted)
Priority: normal Milestone: 0.9.0
Component: Install Version: SVN
Severity: normal Keywords: Multiple Instance


separate config for each instance, this affected over install and upgrade too.


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01/06/07 07:18:13 changed by afz

for this reason in install progress we can have 2 mode, typical and custom.
scenario for this reason:
if detect installed jaws we goto instance step, and in this step we ask about
instance path, if not exsist and we have permission,
create it and put in it "index.php", "config" dir and "data" dir.
then run other install steps, and in then end save config file to specified path.

01/06/07 07:34:37 changed by afz

in typical if detect installed jaws then terminate jaws installation.

01/08/07 07:10:23 changed by afz

for new instance just we have separate JawsConfig?, JawsData? and we use diffrentif exist,
all above in deffrent directory.

01/08/07 07:11:16 changed by afz

use diffrent theme if exist

01/08/07 07:19:55 changed by afz

and about database, we have config options in JawsConfig? for it,
$dbhost?, $dbname?, $dbprefix?
so we can use use differnt database host for new instance,
but premier of other options are $dbname? and $dbprefix?.
with $dbname? we can diffrent database name for new instance and with $dbprefix?
we can use one database with diffrent table prefix for multiple instance

08/09/07 17:13:10 changed by pablo

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I think we should forget about this ticket for now and when we hit 1.0 start working on it since it will work better with the new jaws2 code. I'm moving this to wishlist and maybe in the future asign this ticket to jaws 2 or jaws 1.5 (for php5, not php6 :P).

04/02/08 09:30:03 changed by afz

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05/13/08 17:39:24 changed by afz

this feature partially implemented, and now only need add step to install/upgrade

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