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Core subsystems

A subsystem is a component of the Jaws API by which you can access a certain feature. The core subsystems are specific subsystems which are loaded and always available (see Jaws core object?). All the subsystems are singleton classes that extend the Subsystem interface?. They are accessible as static members of the Jaws object. Here is the list of available core subsystems:


Object: Jaws::$Log
Instance of: Jaws_Log
This subsystem is used for logging. It offers a transparent interface to log messages in different facilities.

Static configuration

Object: Jaws::$Cnf
Instance of: Jaws_StaticConfig
This subsystem deals with static configuration. Most of the configuration is in the database but some configuration options can only be in a static file (i.e.: database informations).


Object: Jaws::$Db
Instance of: Jaws_Db?
This subsystem is an interface to the Doctrine ORM framework and handles all database connections.


Object: Jaws::$Request
Instance of: Jaws_Request?
The Jaws request subsystem handles the action requests from an user. All the POST, GET, COOKIE and SESSION variables are filtered and accessed with this object, as well as the page request (URI).


Object: Jaws::$Registry
Instance of: Jaws_Registry
The Jaws registry is the dynamic counterpart to Jaws_StaticConfig. It contains most of the important configuration options and is editable. Since it is very important that this data is accessed rapidly, a part of the registry is cached.


Object: Jaws::$Session
Instance of: Jaws_Session? child
The session subsystem is a transparent interface to one of the Jaws_Session drivers and provides all the necessary methods to create, retrieve and delete a session.


Object: Jaws::$I18n
Instance of: Jaws_I18n?
The i18n subsystem provides a general interface for all internationalization features.

URL mapper

Object: Jaws::$URLMapper
Instance of: Jaws_URLMapper
Maps URLs to specific pages and actions.

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