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A subsystem is a component of the Jaws API by which you can access a certain feature. All the subsystems are singleton classes created by the Jaws abstract object in Jaws::init(). They are accessible as static members of the Jaws object. Here is the list of available subsystems:


Instance of: Jaws_Log
This subsystem is used for logging. It offers a transparent interface to log messages in different facilities.


Instance of: Jaws_StaticConfig
This subsystem deals with static configuration. Most of the configuration is in the database but some configuration options can only be in a static file (i.e.: database informations).


Instance of: Jaws_Db
This subsystem is an interface to the Doctrine ORM framework and handles all database connections.


Instance of: Jaws_Session child
The session subsystem is a transparent interface to one of the Jaws_Session drivers and provides all the necessary methods to create, retrieve and delete a session.


Instance of: Jaws_I18n
The i18n subsystem provides a general interface for all internationalization features.