Jaws is divided in two parts legally speaking:

  • The first part is focused in the core part, the libraries we provide, the API, and of course in the core gadgets we provide. This part is licensed under the LGPL license, the reason of this is that you can use Jaws in your application with no need to license it under GPL since LGPL is compatible with other opensource licenses.
  • Some parts of the core are licensed under the new BSD license
  • The rest of the code we provide is licensed under the GPL license, so that if you try to derivate your work from any of our GPL code you need to license your application under GPL, you don't have permission to license it under ANY other license.

And of course, doesn't matter if you use the GPL or LGPL, but you need to keep intact the copyright of the code we provide :-), in two words: don't try to be cheap and say that Jaws is *your* work cause it isn't :-).

We also provide some 3rdParty tools and we include the license of these tools.

If you have any legal issues about Jaws Project please contact ion or pablo.