Official Gadgets

The official gadgets in Jaws are:

Name Description
gadget/Banner? Allows you to manage banners, so you can choose how many banners you want to display, random selection, etc
gadget/Blocks? Allows you to put HTML and JavaScript codes in section of your website layout
gadget/Blog? Allows you to manage a weblog. It includes features such as comments management, statistics, and RSS generation.
gadget/Chatbox? You can chat with your site's visitors. It includes options for message deletion, IP detection and more.
gadget/Contact? Let visitors contact you
gadget/Emblems? Through this gadget you can display emblems in your site
gadget/FAQ? Manages a Frequently Asked Question page. You also can automatically include a table of contents and assign categories to the questions.
gadget/FileBrowser? Allows you to upload and manage files on your server. You can also create directories and let visitors browse them.
gadget/Friends? Manages a friend link's list, or Blogroll. You can display a random list with some (or all) of them
gadget/Glossary? Allows the user to have a list of specialized words often related to the blog.
gadget/Launcher? A wrapper to run independent scripts
gadget/LinkDump? A powerful gadget for manage link's list
gadget/Menu? Handles the creation of menues.
gadget/Phoo? Allows you to organize your photos. This is done using albums for each set of photos.
gadget/Poll? Handles the creation of polls. It can count the number of for each option based on ratings from the poll.
gadget/Preferences? Allows the user to see a preference box where he/she can change the apparence and the language on the blog.
gadget/Quotes? Maintaining a list of quotations that you find notable for sharing in your website
gadget/RSSReader? Let the user fetch/read rss feeds from any feed (RSS, ATOM)
gadget/Search? Allows the content of other gadgets to be searched from one place.
gadget/ServerTime? With this gadget you can see the time of the server show on your layout.
gadget/SimpleSite? Description follows
gadget/Skeleton? This is the base gadget to use for the creation of new gadgets.
gadget/StaticPage? Allows you to create and manage static content.
gadget/VisitCounter? Display the number of visits on your site.
gadget/Weather? Manage and display weather from differents countries.
gadget/Webcam? With this gadget you can show webcam images in your site.

Built-in gadgets in Jaws are:

Name Description
Component Management? Description follows
Languages? Description follows
Layout? Description follows
Policy? Description follows
Registry? Description follows
Settings? Description follows
System Information? Description follows
Theme Manager? Description follows
URL Manager? Description follows
Users? Description follows