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    1 = Overview = 
    2 == Definitions == 
    3 Before diving into a concrete Jaws component you may find useful to see the complete picture: 
    4   * '''gadgets''': a gadget is a utility that you can put on a webpage. Some available gadgets are blog, menulist, friends list… The admin can use the control panel to make each gadget (un)available, to set the gadget properties and to decide where it will be displayed. 
    5   * '''actions''': each gadget allows to perform several actions (i.e: the blog gadget allows to send new entries, to edit old ones, to comment an entry…). All actions are implemented on a model. 
    6   * '''templates''': a template is the (X)HTML representation of a gadget (i.e: the blog gadget includes a header tag for the title, paragraph tags for the content, and so on). While performing some actions, some widgets can be added/edited/deleted to the template. 
    7   * '''plugins''': a plugin is code that mainly modifies the text of your site, and its behaviours can be combined with those of gadgets. 
    8   * '''webservices''': the primary goal of a web service is to communicate two (or more) web entities, these can be two sites, a web application, a desktop application with web access and so on. You can find more about web services [ here]. 
    9   * '''themes''': a theme controls how data will be displayed to the user: colors, fonts, borders and so on. Jaws includes some cool themes, you can use them freely or use them as base for new ones. 
    11 == Where are we going? == 
    12 Jaws Project is mainly based on the MVC design pattern, which divides an application on three main layers: Model, View and Controller. You can read more about this design pattern [ here] or [ here]. 
    13 In previous versions (up until 0.4), Jaws was vaguely related to the MVC model, it uses templates and such, but it wasn’t strict in the use of gadgets. After this point, more developers came and they saw that Jaws needed a re-design if it wanted to grow. Here Jaws is fully ported to the MVC design pattern. 
    14 Some benefits of Jaws design are: 
    15  * It’s easy to create new gadgets 
    16  * It’s easy to add new actions for a gadget 
    17  * It’s easy to change how a gadget is displayed 
    18  * It’s easy to change all site presentation by using themes 
    19  * It’s easy to manage gadgets 
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