Jaws authors

Below is the list of official Jaws developer.

Name Real Name Email Place
ion Jonathan Hernandez jonathan.hernandez (at) gmail.com Chihuahua, Mexico
pablo Pablo Fischer pablo (at) pablo.com.mx Mexico City, Mexico
afz Ali Fazelzadeh afz (at) dev-code.com Tehran, Iran
kad Jorge Gallegos gallegosja (at) gmail.com Aguascalientes, Mexico
helgi Helgi Þormar helgith (at) gmail.com Reykjavík, Iceland
gluegadget Amir Mohammad Saied amir (at) gluegadget.com Tehran, Iran
imcks8 Iván Chavero ichavero (at) uach.mx Chihuahua, Mexico
meebey Mirco Bauer meebey (at) meebey.net Germany
nicobn Nicolas Bérard-Nault nicobn (at) php.net Sherbrooke, Canada

Official translators

Below you will find information of each Jaws official translators.

Real Name Email Language
Emerson Posadas toxickore (at) linuxmail.org Spanish (Español)
Jorge Gallegos gallegosja (at) gmail.com Spanish (Español)
Francisco Garcia fco.garcia (at) gmail.com Spanish (Español)
Tadashi Jokagi elf2000 (at) users.sourceforge.net Japanese (日本語)
Ali Fazelzadeh afz (at) dev-code.com Persian (فارسی)
Amir Mohammad Saied amir (at) gluegadget.com Persian (فارسی)
Daniel G. Siegel dgsiegel (at) gmail.com German (Deutsch)
Mirco Bauer meebey (at) meebey.net German (Deutsch)
Arnulf Mittelstädt a.mittelstaedt (at) gmx.net German (Deutsch)
Candas Tuemer info (at) exceptionz.net German (Deutsch)
Ghenciu Ciprian g.ciprian (at) osn.ro Romanian (Română)
Alessio Calafiore lex (at) iokoi.com> Italian (Italiano)
Ahmed Shaheen ahmedshaheen (at) freewarearabia.com Arabic (العربية)
Shalibaji freeyiyi (at) yahoo.co.uk Simplified Chinese
Francesc D. Subirats fsubirats (at) gmail,.com Catalan (Català)
Jacques Lavignotte jacques (at) lavignotte.org French (Français)
Pawel Szczepanek pauluz (at) pauluz.pl Polish (Polski)
Igor Feghali ifeghali (at) php.net Portuguese (Português do Brasil)
Erwin Gjaltema eddie (at) gjaltemaonline.nl Dutch (Nederlands)