TODO list for

Below you will find a list of possible new wiki pages we (developers, documentors) need to write before releasing 0.8.

The idea is to have two sections, one section will be focused on the development of Jaws (useful for developers) and the other one will be focused on the users which will have basic information of the project, gadgets, plugins, etc.

wiki:Development? wiki:General?
wiki:WriteAGadget? wiki:Installations?
wiki:WriteAPlugin? wiki:InstallOnSF?
wiki:Contribute? wiki:InstallOnDH?
wiki:Piwi? wiki:InstallOnIIS?
wiki:Session? wiki:Gadgets?
wiki:CodingGuidelines? wiki:WhatIsAGadget
wiki:Tools? wiki:ListOfGadgets
wiki:Translations? ... each gadget has a mini-wiki
wiki:WriteTranslation? wiki:WhatIsAPlugin
wiki:TranslationForDevelopers? wiki:ListOfPlugins?
wiki:WriteATheme? ... each plugin has a mini-wiki
wiki:Layout? wiki:InstallJaws?
wiki:XSS? wiki:UpgradeJaws?
wiki:PEAR? wiki:UpgradeGadget?
wiki:CoreGadgets? wiki:UpgradePlugin?
wiki:Users? wiki:Releases?
wiki:Registry? ... each release has a mini-informational-wiki
wiki:ACL? wiki:Themes?
wiki:Log? wiki:ListOfThemes?
wiki:Headers? ... each theme has a mini-wiki with a screenshot
wiki:Template? wiki:Gravatar?
wiki:404? wiki:AntiSpam?
wiki:Errors? wiki:License
wiki:Ajax? wiki:JawsAuthors?
wiki:AjaxYourGadget? wiki:HowToHelp?
wiki:Model? wiki:Showcase

For translating pages (which will be a phase 2), the pages will be made like:

So for example, if you want to translate this Wiki page to spanish, the wikipage should be: wiki:StartingJawsWiki/es?