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Menu items are held in "Groups" and a menu item can only belong to one group at a time. You can have more than one group and have more than one menu at the root level. Also menus can have sub-menus (child/parent relationships).

Create a group / menu item

Creating a group

TitleName of Group. May be displayed (or hidden)
Title ViewIf set to "Yes", group name will display at top of menu
VisibleIf set to No, group and menu is hidden from view

Creating a menu item

Click on "Add child menu" button, usually on right side of group name in list box.

GroupA menu item can only be a part of one group. Choose your group here
ParentIf the item is a sub-menu, select the parent menu. Otherwise, choose "\" (root)
TypeChoose type; URL or gadget
ReferencesDepending on the "Type", the type of link (Free Link/No Link), or Gadget that this link should refer to
TitleMenu display title
URLURL of menu item, however applicable
TargetShould the frame load into itself or a new window
RankMenu ranking, or position in menu list
VisibleIf set to "No", menu is not visible