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This Gadget shows the time and date of the server.

Formatting the displayed time/date

The following characters have to be surrounded by

CharacterDescription Example
d Shows the day as number 25
DN Shows the day as word Monday
m Shows the month as number10
MN Shows the month as word December
Y Shows the year 2008
H Shows the hour 23
h Shows the hour 11
i Shows the minute 35
s Shows the second 52

Moreover any other character or string can be put between.


will result in
[t]d[/t]([t]DN[/t]) __ [t]m[/t]([t]MN[/t]) __ [t]Y[/t]
will result in
18(Thursday) __ 12(December) __ 2008

Display servertime on homepage

This is done easily over the Control Panel -> Layout. Just click Add Gadget and then select Servertime.