Weather gadget

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What it does?

This gadget will let you manage and display weather from different countries.

The current version of this gadget has the option to auto-complete the city name, it uses the services.

How does it works?

The administration of this gadget is very simple, you can add/edit/delete city weather codes or change the properties of the gadget like enabling/disabling the forecast, the refresh time (in minutes) or the units you want to use (centigrade or fahrenheit).

To add/edit a city weather code you have two options:

  • Writing the complete name of your city (requires to be in English), for example: Mexico City
  • Writing the city weather code. You can find the city weather codes in the [] page.

Getting a License Key and Partner Id from requires that you sign up with them to use this service. Once you sign up at:, you will get an email with your XML Partner ID and License Key, also, if you want, you can download their SDK that explains the XML data format that they use and the HTTP GET query string/URI that they use and some PNG files that are icons for the different weather conditions that are reported.

How to find the city weather code

If for some reason the auto-complete feature doesn't work for you, you can always use the [] website. The steps to get the weather city code are:

  1. Go to the [] search page.
  2. In the input box type the name of your city, for example, lets find Aguascalientes (a state in Mexico)
  3. Once you click the submit/go button you will see a list of states that matches your criteria, just click in the state you want to see (Aguascalientes in our case).
  4. Now take a look to the location bar in you browser (where you type the URLs), the URL will be similar to:
  5. Where's the code? The code is between the local/ and ?from=search_city strings. Yeah, the code is: MXAS0002.